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Friday, 9 July 2021

How To Change A STAMPS Watch Battery Without Breaking It

This video show you how to do what I do to change the watch battery in a S.T.A.M.P.S. Watch. STAMPS watch are really attractive but unlike most other watches the back of the watch isn't held in place by screws, or screwed on like a giant nut. The S.T.A.M.P.S. Watch back in slotted in and the scrap is held in place with Goo. Changing the battery is quite easy once you know how. Here is how I do it. Malcolm aka  #FIXED1T 

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Laptop Battery Case Best Opening Video And Re-Celling Video

This video is about Laptop Battery Case Best Opening Video And Re-Celling Video

This Video Is About How To Professionally Open An Old Apple Laptop Battery Case In A Few Minutes Without Destroying The Case, The Electronics Or The Batteries. How You Open The Case Affects Whether It Will Ever Work Again, Whether It Will Fit Back In The Laptop And Whether It Could Become A Hazard. The Gentler We Open It The Less Damage We Do To It.

Please Be Aware The First Minute Contains A Joke Or Two. Can You Spot Them?

This method works for all of the compact batteries I have re-celled for re-use but I've decided to share it after seeing more and more people recommending forcing the opening with sharp bladed knives, hammers, screw drivers and metal openers leaving some batteries just about usable and others in a complete mess. Also trying to force open anything with a screw driver or sharp knife risk serious if not permeant injury to your fingers, hands and eyes, and a potential catastrophic lithium fire with deadly flames and toxic fumes, so don't do it.

If You Want To See Part Two The Complete Uncasing Subscribe For Date Of Part Two
- We'll Fully Open The Case Remove The Batteries And Electronics

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- We'll Professionally Re-Cell The Battery Seal It And Test It In A Machine

If you thinking of getting into re-celling you need a decent battery welder, I bought a new Chinese Battery Welder cheaply from eBay but it shut down my electronics in my 30Amp Workshop, every time I switched it one, but for as few pounds or dollars I replaced the transformer inside and it works brilliantly now on a kitchen table. Here is the link: Right From Unboxing To Fully Repaired And Working:

Malcolm aka

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Raspberry pi With Working Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

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This video is about Using The Raspberry pi In Headless Mode (with a keyboard and mouse after initial setup) Is Useful But When Running Through Wifi Every Bit Counts And Puts More Pressure On The Processor. To Save Wifi Bandwidth And Lag A Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Is A Much Better Solution And Gives Better Results, But Not All Work But I Found One, Here Is How I @fixed1t.


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Thanks Malcolm aka @FIXED1T

Monday, 1 June 2020

3D Printed Covid19 Visor Bracket Time Lapse 7 Hours In 45 Seconds

Here is hoping you are all well during the Covid19 lockdown, there is an international shortage of PPE "Personal Protective Equipment" so I've been using my time and money to 3D Print Visors for Emergency Workers. Malcolm aka @fixed1t

Saturday, 22 February 2020

How To Making A Faderfox DX2 Midi Controller Bluetooth Compatible

This video is about How To Make A Faderfox DX2 Midi Controller Yamaha MD-01 Bluetooth Compatible
Purchase a Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth Midi Adapter using link:
It will give me a few cents in commission from Amazon and cost you absolutely nothing. Thx.
I bought a Faderfox DX2 Midi Controller from eBay, as its battery power its very portable. I assumed it was Standard Midi and would therefore work with all Bluetooth Midi Devices, but discovered I was wrong. So I #fixed1t without a small retrofit PCB designed by myself. This was not a simple process and if anybody else wants to try this I suggest you watch the entire video, if you miss any of the steps you'll be missing vital information. This video is for educational purposes to show me it could be done. Others should not attempted this operation and any damage caused by others copying this procedure is at the watchers own risk, I take no responsibility passing on this knowledge. The good news is that this video shows me that this may be a way to retrofit other Midi devices to make them compatible with Bluetooth Midi.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t


Friday, 15 November 2019

Using Apple iPhone iPad Built In Screen Capture

This video is about Using Apple iPhone iPad Built In Screen Capture

fixed1t Apple iPhone iPad Tips

How To Capture A Screen Video Of Your Favorite App Or Call On Your Apple iPhone And iPad Using 'Screen Capture' Which Is Now Built Into Apple IOS11 And Above.

#fixed1t #iphone #ipad #screen-capture #screen-recording

Monday, 9 October 2017

Separation Anxiety - Does Your Dog Go Crazy When You Leave Here is How T...

Separation Anxiety - Does Your Dog Go Crazy When You Leave Here is How To stop it

This video is about Separation Anxiety - Does Your Dog Go Crazy When You Leave The House Here is How To Prevent It. This simple Dog Training will help you training your dog to be happy and relaxed when you leave

In fact it is so effective that my two dogs Bree and Skippy are always happy to see my wife and I leave the house as long as we play the "fixed1t Me Out" game with them as we leave.

Share this with all your dog owner friends, they will thank you for the game. if their dog suffers badly with separation anxiety.


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