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Monday, 9 October 2017

Separation Anxiety - Does Your Dog Go Crazy When You Leave Here is How T...

Separation Anxiety - Does Your Dog Go Crazy When You Leave Here is How To stop it

This video is about Separation Anxiety - Does Your Dog Go Crazy When You Leave The House Here is How To Prevent It. This simple Dog Training will help you training your dog to be happy and relaxed when you leave

In fact it is so effective that my two dogs Bree and Skippy are always happy to see my wife and I leave the house as long as we play the "fixed1t Me Out" game with them as we leave.

Share this with all your dog owner friends, they will thank you for the game. if their dog suffers badly with separation anxiety.


Saturday, 30 September 2017

How To Manage iPhone iPad Apps Now iTunes 12 No Longer Lists Them

This video is about How To Manage iPhone iPad Apps Now iTunes 12 No Longer Lists Them

iTunes 12 no longer has pages for managing and grouping your iPhone or iPad IOS Apps, the only way to do it now is via the device itself.  Now it would be straight forward had no some smart alec have decided to mess the the way Apps are interested with.

Her is my solution to managing your IOS Apps on an iPhone or iPad.


Friday, 29 September 2017

How To Fix Apple iPhone Locked Orientation in IOS 11

If your iPhone or iPad Orientation is locked since upgrading to Apple IOS 11


You have done something and can no longer change the orientation

then this simple fix could help you.

With every Operating System (OS) upgrade, new programmers Dork About ( make serious fundamental changes to the betterment of the product) which often makes a familiar device render annoyingly useless.

I thought my new second user iPhone was broken, but I fixed1t.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Greyed Out iPad WiFi Network Access Fix Part 4

fixed1t Apple IOS Support

I purchased an iPad Mini with 4g GSM with an intermittent fault that switched it constantly from WiFi to 3G GSM making it unusable. Last week WiFi greyed out and died.

In part three I showed a working solution using a two connector and a powered USB hub.  Althought this worked well it involved carrying an

1 x USB to LAN Adapter
1 x Lan Cable
1 x USB to Lightening Adapter
2 x USB cables
1 x USB 4-port Hub
1 x Hub power supply adapter

Part 4 - Reducing equipment required connect an iPad as a standalone device on LAN Ethernet network

1 x USB to LAN Adapter

You can buy one of these using the links below:

The USA Amazon does not have this CSL device, but they have one which is physically the same with the same spec but in black, so I hope it will do the same job.

The Canadian device is the same as the Amazon USA device:

1 x Lan Cable

1 x USB to Lightening Adapter

2) An official Apple Lightening to USB adapter.  It only works with the Apple Adapter, there are cheaper alternative but they are really for charging and won't work as Bi-Directional ports which you need for this project to work.

This is how I did it:


Monday, 18 April 2016

Finding The Right Length CNC Ball Screw

There are a lot of Ball Screws on eBay for CNC machines of differing lengths.

In the selection process the L in the Title Description often refers to the Length of the Ball Screw, for example:

SFU1204 Ball Screw L500mm Ballscrew With SFU1204 Single Ballnut For CNC

To get a correct fit make sure your dimensions match or are with spec i.e. you could use a L500 mm rod for a replacement 476 mm rod by cutting it to size.  But an L400 mm rod would not reach the end of your CNC deck.

I've widened my search eBay CNC Ball Screws click on the link below to get a comprehensive list.

Click here for eBay Ball Screws - L500 is Length 500mm

These screws are also referred to as Ballscrew Leadscrew and sold as such, these are the long Leadscrews without the attached ballscrew.  These are for users who just needs the screw and know its exact size and dimensions.

Click here for eBay Ballscrew Leadscrews

Please note, fixed1t is not responsible for the Ball Screw you select or how you use it, that responsibility is yours and fixed1t accepts not responsibility for this education blog article.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Finding A Replacement Ball Screw And Rod For Small CNC Machines

Whether you small Chinese CNC machine sustained damaged to its Axis screws and rods in transit (arrived broken) or whether it has sustained damaged in use but physical for or scarf jam, they can be impossible to repair.

Following a recent question to my fixed1t Youtube

I decided to go and have a look for one.  As is always the case with any search engine, the biggest obstacle is not the lack of resources or availability online, its down to know the wording one uses in a search that  and the results.

If you don't get the search text right, you'll get bogus or no results.

Therefore here is a search that I created, that gives me appropriate and relatively cheap results. I hope people find it useful.


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Asus 10.1" 64gb VivoTab Smart Reset - Part 2 video precise

The Windows 8 Install on the ASUS 10.1" 64gb VivoTab Smart took days due to the huge amount of updates published  since it was released on the VivoTab SMART.  Upgrading to Windows 8.1 is however proving more technically challenging.  #fixed1tTECHtips

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